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Direct Deposit

As a member of Southwest Heritage Credit Union, you can enjoy the conveience and security of Direct Deposit. With Direct Deposit, your employer or the government deposits money directly into your account at the same time each month giving you more control over your money.


Direct Deposit gives you peace of mind with these benefits:


  • There are no checks to be lost or stolen.

  • It eliminates the risk of forged signatures and helps protect you from identity theft.

  • Payments reach your account the day the check is issued -- even if you are out of town, sick or unable to get to your financial institution.

  • It can save you trips to the bank and help you avoid long lines at tellers or ATMs.

  • Direct deposit can help you avoid bouncing checks because the deposit is direct and on time.


To get started, simply click here to fill out and print the Direct Deposit enrollment form, and then give the completed form to your employer. Once enrolled, your paychecks will be deposited into your account automatically.


Southwest Heritage Credit Union

Routing Number:  316386735


If you currently receive social security or disability payments, you can visit your local Social Security office to set up direct deposit for those benefits as well.

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