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Account Types

Savings Accounts (Share Accounts)

A minimum deposit of $25.00 into a regular share account establishes your membership in Southwest Heritage Credit Union. Your membership entitles you to all of the great rates, products and services that we offer. The best part of all…there are NO MINIMUM BALANCE requirements, and NO MONTHLY SERVICE CHARGES.


  • Your $25.00 deposit must remain in your share account for your membership to stay active.

  • Dividends are paid quarterly.

Checking Accounts (Share Draft Accounts)

With a minimum deposit of $100 you can open a FREE checking account at Southwest Heritage Credit Union. There is no monthly service charge and as a valued member, you also receive:


  • FREE – Real-time Home Banking

  • FREE – Online Pay Bill Payment

  • FREE – ATM transactions at nearly 30,000 ATMs nationwide

  • FREE – Debit Card Transactions

  • FREE – Check Imaging Retrieval on Cleared Checks

  • FREE – Transfers between accounts

  • FREE – Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction

  • Courtesy overdraft privileges up to $500 (subject to account eligibility and restrictions)


Visa Debit Cards – Southwest Heritage Credit Union now offers real-time debit cards. They are available to all members with a share draft account. Visa debit cards work just like a credit card and can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted. Transactions are debited directly from your share draft account in real-time. There is no charge from the credit union to use your debit card.


  • Withdraw funds from your share draft accounts

  • Make POS (Point-Of-Sale) transactions with your Card and PIN (Personal Identification Number) to purchase goods or services at merchants that accept VISA

  • Order goods or services by mail or telephone from places that accept VISA

  • Purchase amounts are limited to the dollar amount in your checking account

  • You may make a total combined fifteen (15) VISA Check Card purchases and cash withdrawals in any one day from ATM machines

  • You may withdraw up to a maximum of $500.00 in any one (1) day from an ATM machine, if there are sufficient funds in your account


ATMs – With a Southwest Heritage Credit Union checking account you have access to any ATM; however, Credit Union owned ATMs as well as almost 30,000 ATMs nationwide that are part of the Co-Op network, may be used FREE of charge. Locate a Co-Op ATM here.


CUTI-Audio Response (24-Hour Telephone Teller)* – Our automated teller gives you the freedom to carry-out your financial transactions anywhere, anytime. Here’s what you can do by phone:


  • Withdraw funds from your share and share draft accounts

  • Transfer funds from your share and share draft accounts

  • Obtain balance information for your share and share draft accounts

  • Make loan payments from your share and share draft accounts

  • Determine if a particular item has cleared

  • Obtain tax information on amounts earned on share draft accounts or interest paid on loan accounts

  • Verify the last date and amount of your payroll deposit.


*You will need a PIN number to use our CUTI service. Please visit one of our three convenient locations to get signed up.

Money Market Accounts

Money Market Accounts are share accounts that let you earn a higher interest rate than a regular share account. Interest is paid monthly. These accounts have a minimum balance requirement to earn interest and the interest rates are on a tiered schedule:


Transfer Limitations for all share and Money Market accounts, no more than six (6) preauthorized, automatic, telephone, or Internet transfers and withdrawals may be made from each account to another account of yours or to a third party in any month, and no more than three (3) of these six (6) may be made by check, draft, or access card to a third party.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

IRAs are accounts that allow you to save with tax benefits. Our IRA’s are available as an IRA share account or IRA Certificate of Deposit. IRA share accounts are paid interest quarterly. IRA certificates are offered with the same terms and conditions as all other certificates of deposit.



Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

CDs are an insured savings alternative that has a fixed term and a fixed rate. Southwest Heritage Credit Union offers four different terms and the interest rate is based on the level invested. The minimum balance to open a certificate is $1,000. Interest is paid monthly. The penalty for early withdrawal is 90 days interest for 6 month and 12 month terms; 180 days interest for all other terms. Certificates of Deposit rates can be increased based on services you already have. Check out the savings rate page for more information.

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